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"She Doesn't Even Go Here" ...Or does the Day-Of Coordinator?

Especially for those Planning Kings and Queens out there, after ensuring each detail is examined from a plethora of angles, turning over the reigns to someone who hasn't nurtured your event baby, can be tough. What's tougher though, is your dedicated work falling into shambles in front of all your guests.

A Day-Of Coordinator steps up to the plate to drive your event as precisely as it would have been executed under your most capable hands. However, the Day-Of Coordinator is not the one that is the center of the attention for the day, so they have the entire bandwidth to focus solely on timing your event perfectly and ironing out any hiccups along the road. Whether it be for setting up your decor elements, orchestrating transitions, or communicating information to your vendors and venue, the Day-Of Coordinator flawlessly makes the calls as if she or he was a Stage Manager on Broadway.

Some believe that Day-Of Coordinators are solely for weddings, but that isn't always the case. Hiring one during a corporate conference, baby shower, or grandma's 90th birthday party can allow you as a meeting planner or hostess to focus on guest interaction and programming that needs your special touch explicitly. Imagine all of the behind-the-scenes details being taken care of so you can actually enjoy your event and the company of your friends and family!

Interested in how a Day-Of Coordinator can ensure your event goes off without a hitch? Reach out to A Spoonful of Planning today for a free consultation!

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