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To Drink or Not to Drink...

“Just give everyone a flask as their invitation and tell them to bring it to the wedding!” These were my exact words when complaining about the exuberant price related to having an open bar for an event.

If your family is anything like mine, attending any type of gathering whether it be a wedding reception or a baby shower needs to be equipped with an open-bar and easily accessible alcoholic beverages.

However, when you are on a budget, it can be a challenge to please the alcoholic connoisseurs disguised as invited guests.

Sometimes, getting creative and thinking outside of the box can be just the thing to ensure that your family and friends are not hastily departing your event to gulp tequila or that your pockets are not completely deflated. Consider these suggestions:

  1. Seek a venue that allows you to tote your own beverage inside their space. Buying in bulk from Costco or Sam’s Club can assist in placing drunken smirks on your attendees faces while still having money leftover to splurge on your own umbrella-adorned drink on the honeymoon

  2. Instead of a wedding gift, suggest that your guests contribute to the drinking cause by donating bottles of liquor. If your friends and family aren't the best ones for this, perhaps your company or a local community establishment will consider footing the bill. This has helped me a great deal! You never know who will assist if you do not ask.

  3. Consider having an after party. Perhaps being forced to purchase alcohol from the venue or the catering company is too large of a chunk to cough up. Not a problem! Move the party elsewhere and build your own concoctions for significantly less money. Bonus points if your brother is a bartender!

  4. Sometimes you may have to bite the bullet and purchase from the venue or the caterer. You won’t be signing your life away, but strongly consider what your guests actually will indulge. Is your family made up of only wine drinkers? Do you really need a signature cocktail? Ensure that you are buying based on those who will be drinking it so you do not have cases of alcohol remaining that not even the known drinkers want; or you've prepaid alcohol prices for primarily soda drinkers.

Have other suggestions? Let us know!

At A Spoonful of Planning, we are here to make your event go off without a hitch while ensuring you are not throwing away needed money. Let us bring your vision to fruition!

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