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Disney, Dr. Who, Themed Weddings, Oh my!

Merriam-Webster defines the word nerdy as "characterized by an obsessive interest in something."

A Spoonful of Planning - Star Wars Storm Trooper

I think it would be a stretch to say that there's not at least one thing that each of us is nerdy about. Whether that be Cold War History or Dr. Who, there always seems to be something that we'll stay up an extra hour to learn more about or to even incorporate in your wedding.

Having themed weddings isn't something that is new, but there appears to be an increase in numbers; however. Couples are more comfortable letting their "nerd flag" fly! That's incredibly exciting!

On our team, we have Whovians, Wannabe Disney Princesses, and someone who has attended every Otakon since it started in 1994. We are self-labeled nerds and proud of it! So when it comes to collaborating with clients that want to mesh their nerd interest with their special wedding day, we jump at the opportunity.

Creating an environment that marries a nerd interest with any celebration takes creativity, clear direction, and compromise. Compromise is probably the one that becomes overlooked during the design phase. I hate to break it to you but, not everyone that attends your wedding is going to be aware that the Tardis is the Doctor's time machine and is bigger on the inside. So, plopping one in the middle of their table may be overlooked and misunderstood. Instead, consider infiltrating your nerdy contraband subtly. In this fashion, you can combine multiple interests if you select to or to keep it simple with one overarching show or character.

Ensuring that your nerdy-ness isn't overwhelming, developing a cohesive theme and vision goes a long way. Alongside your Planner and designer, perhaps pick out a few signature items that are easily identifiable such as a light saber for Star Wars fans or the red rose for Beauty and the Beast princesses. Then expand upon that while becoming creative with scale and focus and see where you land. Instead of only incorporating the theme in one area such as the centerpieces, find other focal, but subtle opportunities to display your nerd artifacts like the cake topper, bouquet, chair covers, and the food.

A Spoonful of Planning - Dr. Who themed wedding

When it comes to designing a themed wedding, having a cohesive vision, keeping it tasteful so all can enjoy, and being creative in unexpected locations can bring your idea to life.

Have you considered having a themed wedding? If you're looking for some additional assistance, consider A Spoonful of Planning and reach out today!


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