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Doing It Well - DIY Projects for Your Event

Do It Yourself - A Spoonful of Planning

With the DIY movement plastered across every social media outlet possible, it's easy to think -- I can do it, too! And you know what? You most likely can! However, there is a grid of fine lines that must be considered before undertaking a complete DIY wedding.

Who? Completing some of the more complex and time-consuming projects can add to the stress of making your special day perfect. Additional pressure is not at the top of anyone's list, so before attacking a DIY project for your wedding, consider who will assist with making your project a reality. Will you be the sole champion or will your fiance hold down those wooden slabs as you staple away? Will your bridal party jump in as well, in addition to their current bridesmaid duties? Objectively looking at who the culprits, er... the helpers are, will define what you reasonably can accomplish.

What? There are a few DIY projects out there that the office cat can accomplish by himself. Good mouser? Check! But there are far too many that require you to complete eight years of Art School and welding classes. Knowing your skill set and craft expertise can help to align the best projects that you can accomplish. Although Pinterest is a mecca for DIY wedding projects, making sure to filter to your available resources, time, and art savviness will facilitate the selection process.

When? Probably one of the most critical questions to consider is when you'll have time to make all of your DIY magic happen. If you're okay with staying up extra hours to bring everything to fruition, great! In our experience, even some of the most simple DIY projects take additional time than expected just because of the distractions. Ensuring that you have the time to make each pallet box perfect or the seam just right on your tulle seat cover is something to consider before mounting the next project.

Do It Yourself - A Spoonful of Planning

If you've considered all of these questions and feel you have the necessary time and resources, then go for it! If you're like me and have a few other hurdles to overcome, consider hiring a professional to make it happen!

A Spoonful of Planning loves the fun of bringing to life all of your DIY plans! What are your thoughts? Please send us an email to let us know how we can help.


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