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Pose For the Camera - Wedding Photos Help!

As the wedding day approaches, it never fails for either the photographer or the couple to reach out for a photo groupings list. Even for the non-traditional couple that isn't hard-pressed to have portraits taken, looking back at those photos always makes it worthwhile. However, figuring out when to take those photos and who should be invited to the photo shoot takes some planning. Luckily, having a fabulous combo team of a Wedding Planner/Day-Of Coordinator and Photographer makes figuring out the logistics a breeze.

Men Wedding Photo A Spoonful of Planning

We've included some suggestions below that can help make your photo montages go as seamlessly as possible. With the "first look" becoming increasingly popular, we have a modified option that can help with those couples too!

Before the Wedding:

Capturing the moments as you're getting ready to start the rest of your life are special and shouldn't be left out. Yes, you may not post the one with only one eyelash. However, imagine your daughter or son perusing through them when it's their turn to walk down the aisle.

The getting ready photos are also an excellent opportunity to catch one-on-one pictures with your family if they happen to be involved with your ceremony. How about one with grandma handing you your bouquet or a generational picture including the ring bearer. Think of ways to incorporate those supporting you on your day and etch the memories in stone from a photo.

* Generational Photos (Grandmother, Mother, Bride/Groom for example)

* Immediate Family Photos

* Getting Ready Photos

* Wedding Party (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Combination)

Before the Reception:

After the wedding, if you choose to skip the "first look," is the prime opportunity not only to catch those photos of the married couple but also to revel in the celebration of being married finally!

Capturing poses together at the ceremony site, at the venue of the reception, or at a new destination can occur during the cocktail hour reception. Developing a game plan with your photographer and wedding planner of where, when, and how you would like for this to happen is crucial. Your planner and photographer can work hand in hand to ensure that you stay on time and capture all of the moments that you desire.

In addition to Couple Photos, before the reception and during cocktail hour proves to be an exceptional time to photograph with your extended family who are not involved in the wedding. If there's time and your family is better than ours at showing up at a designated places on time, staging an extended family photo with the bride and groom's family could be a cherished keepsake. To ensure that everyone is captured in the picture, try to arrange a time when everyone will be present. Sometimes guests only come for the ceremony or just the reception. If your goal is to try and include all family members, choose a central location that provides easy access as well. Your day-of coordinator can assist with getting everyone where they need to be so your photographer can capture the moments.

* Couple Photos (On- and Off-site)

* Extended Family Photo

First Look (Alternative Option):

The option for the couple to see each other before the ceremony is becoming increasingly popular for a plethora of reasons. Couples that are a bit non-traditional appreciate the additional time to spend with family and friends during the cocktail reception instead of posing for photos during it. Staging couple photos along with family before the ceremony allows for more flexibility for capturing perfect moments with your photographer. Also, there isn't a massive time crunch to finish since the timeline can be shifted to accommodate all the images taken at various locations before the festivities begin. With your cocktail hour photos, if the timing is off, you may find yourself scrambling to capture every pose which could result in late fees on your venue or rentals. Lastly, your guests are eagerly anticipating eating the food, I mean, your grand return.

* Couple Photos (On- and Off-site)

* Extended Family Photo

Keep in mind; however, when it comes to choosing when to take photos and who to include it's entirely up to you. If you want to take wedding photos weeks after the ceremony and reception with only your cats and parrots present, by all means, go for it! Whatever you decide, having a plan removes the stress and makes for exciting memories to look back on for years to come.

wedding photo A Spoonful of Planning

A Spoonful of Planning is in the business of creating unforgettable experiences. What better way is there to ensure that happens than teaming up with us to ensure each photo is captured? Reach out today via email to see how we can help!


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