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Who's Wedding is it Anyway?

Having the privilege of working in the hospitality industry for so long and figuring out who really is in charge is like pulling teeth with a bobby pin.

Whether you are the couple getting married or the Mom (and/or Dad) footing the bill, maintaining the delicate balance of whose opinion holds the most weight is rarely easy. Even in a world when money equates to power, the individuals paying are not always cognizant of the impact each decision has on the couple's experience.

When working with families that have more than just the couple involved, it’s great to have a chance for everyone to be on the same page at the very beginning of the process. It’s even better if it happens prior to securing a planner. This chance to level the planning field ensures that each party involved knows their responsibilities and can voice their concerns and suggestions freely. Perhaps setting parameters such as settling disagreements openly and with respect will help each person stay in their lane without losing the love for one another.

Adding a planner to the mix as a mediator can prove to be beneficial if your family is not willing to budge. Being up front with your planner about your family dynamics, no matter who wears the dress or pants, will help him or her be a beacon for keeping everything on track to ensure everyone’s approval.

Even through countless debates, sometimes not everyone can get on the same page, and that’s okay. It’s much better to save your relationship than trickle down a path of regret and unhappiness for one of the momentous occasions of your life. If it seems your family relationship is on the rocks, perhaps removing everyone from the planning process who doesn't need to be involved is the best solution for all.

When you’re in the most capable of hands (your wedding planner!), whether it's a team or an individual, they can work to bring YOUR vision to fruition and maybe even help to discover fun ways to compromise with the ideas of those interested in participating.

Are you interested in discovering how a Wedding Planner can make your planning process seamless? Reach out to A Spoonful of Planning today and discuss the best option for your event!

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